In Pursuit of the Korean Glow

I’ve been literally obsessed with the glowing yet flawless skin of celebrities lately, especially Korean celebrities as they’ve mastered the glowy/dewy look ages before westerns got into it. For those of you who have been living in a cave and don’t know what this is about, a picture is worth a thousand word.


Flawless, pore less, luminous, dewy, healthy, natural looking skin. The ultimate glow.  Although it’s everything but natural as you need tons of products from skincare to makeup to achieve this look. In Korea, they only swear by this look, either they are famous Kpop idols in magazines or regular high school girls (and boys !) in the streets of Seoul.
The secret and main weapon to get a glowing skin is obviously moisturizing it, and cosmetic brands know it. Here you can see the beautiful Song Hye Kyo for LANEIGE
(a highend Korean makeup brand), and like all Korean brands, they are marketing “the GLOW”: get your glow with serums, creams, toners, lotions, bb creams, cc creams, foundations, ANYTHING they could sell to demanding consumers. The amount of products they are trying to sell is ridiculous, yet Koreans (and others: myself included) are always looking for the latest miraculous and priceless ginseng/snail/dead woman soul extract serum that will give them the glow and eternal youth they want for their skin.

Lately I’ve been in “the glow quest”, I want the glow more than anything (maybe not more than loosing weight by eating pizza 24/7). My goal is to achieve this flawless glowing skin … without makeup. Even though, it seems impossible, there are several changes to make and habits to get to have her skin.


In order to glow from the outside, you have to glow from the inside. Which means to achieve a healthy looking skin, you need to have a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy, exercising and using the right moisturizing products. And who am I kidding ? I’m the kind of girl who spends the night partying in a Gangnam club and then drunk-eat a pepperoni pizza at 6am before going to class. 4 months of non stop partying, no sleep, eating junk food and wearing makeup every day: my skin was dull, and I was always breaking out and Seoul pollution was only making it worst.
Now that it’s the holidays and that I’ve been able to sleep, eat well, drink a lot of water and let my skin breath, in only a month, I managed to look human again and even have a healthy looking skin (even though I’m still struggling with some acne scars that the 300 pizzas that I ate left me).

So the principal rules for a glowing and healthy skin are:
– eat fruits and vegetables and try avoiding junk food (I’d rather die)
– drink water, infusion and liters of green tea
– Exfoliate and MOISTURIZE ! (I’ll post a proper article about skincare routine)
– Try to exercise (I know it’s torture but it’s the best for a healthy skin and healthy body)

Trust me, I did this for only 4 weeks and there’s a HUGE difference between how my skin was and how it is now. Of course I still eat pizza and donuts but I try to limit the damages by exercising and drinking a lot of tea. It’s all about balance.


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