How to build the perfect skincare routine for a glowing skin?

One of the hardest thing in skin care is to find the best products for your skin type to be able to build a skin care routine. There are so many products with different claims and benefits and each skin can react in a good or bad way. Following these steps will help you build your perfect skin care routine for a flawless and glowing skin:

Knowing your skin type
Whether your skin is normal, dry, oily, prone to redness or acne, sensitive… you need a routine for it.
Do you usually shine during the day even with a mattifiying powder, are you prone to acne and blackheads ? Your skin must be oily.
Shiny T-zone but dry cheeks ? Combination skin.
Prone to redness and itchy skin ? Dry and dehydrated or sensitive.
Redness and flush on your nose and cheeks ? Probably rosacea.
Of course a skin can be oily and sensitive at the same time or even dry and acne prone because of the lack of moisture.
Knowing your skin type will help you choose the right products with specific components such as salicylic acid for acne or aloe vera for redness…

Follow the basic skin care rules
Regardless of your skin type, a skin care routine must contain these products and be used in order:

– Cleanser

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It can be a foam cleanser, cleansing oil, milk,  lotion, micellar water etc. Again knowing your skin type will help you choose the right product (milk based cleanser for dry skin, water or gel based for oily skin). This is the first and mandatory product of your skin care routine. Your skin must be perfectly cleansed in order to receive the rest of your products.

– Toner

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For a long time I thought toners were completely useless as I didn’t understand what they stand for. I only knew about their importance when I moved to Korea and I saw the enormous amount of toners/lotions that you can find here, each one having specific benefits and ingredients, from anti-wrinkle toner to anti-dark spots and repairing toners. Find a toner for your skin type: astringent for oily skin to have a pore less and matte skin, moisturizing one for dry skin… You can also make your own natural toner with green tea or essential oils. It will take off any make up residue or dirt and restore skin’s pH balance.

– Eye cream
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The third step is eye cream. A product that you have to start using in  your  twenties  to prevent wrinkles and dark circles. Again it depends on what your skin needs. Creams or roll ons with Vitamin C or caffeine for dark circles, hyaluronic acid or green tea to prevent fine lines and wrinkles… Put on your eye cream before your moisturizer.

-Specific treatment

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You can skip this step, but for those of you with skin problems such as acne you can use an acne serum, or vitamin E serum for scars and dark spots

– Moisturizer

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The last step is moisturizing your skin. You can use serums, cream oil or gel based products. The moisturizing step is the most complicated as you have so many options and you can choose to layer products to respond to your skin needs. The skin care masters, I named Koreans can layer as much as 6 different products just to moisturize their skin : essence, booster, serums, ampoule, masks and night packs. This is another (crazy) level of skin care. The basic rule is just to moisturize in the morning before your makeup and at night before going to bed.

– Exfoliate

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In order to get rid of dead skin cells and help your skin generate new skin cells quickly. This will helps fade acne scars, dark spots, prevent any breakout and most importantly: GLOW !
You need to exfoliate at least once a week, or once in two weeks if your skin is too dry and sensitive. Twice a week is a little extreme is you choose to uses AHA products to exfoliate but if you are using clays (green clay or kaolin), it’s the right amount.
Don’t forget to protect your skin from your UV rays !

Customize this basic skin care routine 
Now that you know what your skin needs and what kind of product to use and in what order, the fun part finally comes and you can go shopping for your skin care routine products. To prevent any bad skin reaction, try choosing fragrance and alcohol free products, and avoid any cleanser containing sodium laureth sulfate. Priceless products are not the most effective ones ! Just pay attention to the list of components in the back of each product, avoid irritating products choose the ones with benefit ingredients. I personally prefer organic skin care and natural products as they are good for my sensitive skin.

I hope you will all find your perfect skin care routine !


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