My skincare routine

First of all let me tell you a little bit more about my skin. I don’t have what you can call an easy skin, where I can put anything I want without consequences. I have to watch really closely all the components that are going to touch my precious skin. I have paid the price of my previous mistakes by trying random products full of chemicals that literally killed my skin cells.
Now I have an acne prone, sensitive, intolerant, reactive combination skin, that can be oily during the summer and dry in the winter, although it’s usually dry on my cheeks, some blackheads and to finish the combo, some rosacea. Jealous?
So like I said not an easy skin. All of this started with the bad experience I had with some Korean cosmetics, I was using an alcohol based toner that completely burned my skin. Before this huge mistake I didn’t have a skincare routine, I could wash my face with soap and water and still have an ok skin, but since I  f***** up my skin with all the products i tried, and by spending my summers in the sun with no protection I developed rosacea, you know the crap that makes your face flush with no reason. I tried almost everything only to get an Ok skin that wouldn’t go bloody red anytime I cleanse it, but I think I finally found my routine, that helps me keep breakouts and redness at bay.
So without any further or due here it is, hoping it will help some of you that have a mean skin.

Morning: I cleanse my skin with my go-to micellar water the Bioderma crealine anti-redness and rinse it with La roche Posay spring water (I just looove french pharmacy’s products). I skip the bioderma part if I feel that my skin is clean. Then I use a Korean toner : Innisfree green tea balancing skin (I actually replaced this toner with a homemade green tea toner that is actually better since it’s natural and refreshing and it makes my skin glow).
I use a Korean eye cream before moisturizing my skin: Skinfood Royal Honey anti-wrinkle eye cream that I usually mix with aloe vera gel (Aroma Zone aloe vera gel) to get rid of my dark circles.
Then I use aloe vera gel immediately followed by my acne serum.

Night: I cleanse my skin with the same micellar water, it takes off all my makeup and dirt accumulated during the day (it’s the only cleanser I tried that doesn’t cause any redness, irritations or breakouts). Again my spring water followed by my green tea toner and while my skin is still wet I put aloe vera gel and a serum. At night I choose between my acne serum or my rosacea serum depending on my skin problems. If it’s dry, itchy or red, I use the rosacea one, if not the acne one. I actually made these serums myself (thanks to this French website) where they give amazing treatments with 100 % of natural components that you can make yourself). If you want to know more about these miraculous treatments, keep reading.
If I have any breakouts, I use a tea tree essential oil on my pimple. And I massage any acne scars and dark spots with vitamin E (it comes in an oil form).

Week end: Once or twice a week, I use yellow clay or French rose clay to exfoliate my skin. I use a homemade mask with Eucalyptus honey and cinnamon twice a week to deep cleanse my skin, get rid of any bacterias, dead cells, and make my skin glow.

The acne serum
All you need is an empty bottle and some ingredients that you can find in your local pharmacy or here, it’s cheap and REALLY EFFECTIVE.
The first week it makes my skin break out… a lot because this serum kind of purifies your skin by letting everything come out and then it calms down and you can enjoy your pure skin complexion.
– Sea buckthorn oil: rich in vitamins, it protects the skin from the sun, is a powerful antioxidant, helps the skin heal.
– Grape seed oil: regenerating and restructuring the skin.
– Nigella oil: purifying oil, fights acne.
– Vitamin E
These vegetal oils are actually sufficient but you can add essentiel oils
– Tea tree: purifying, anti-acne
– Helychrisum : anti-coagulant, helps blood circulation, heal wounds

Capture d’écran 2016-02-03 à 8.09.26 PM.png
The rosacea serum 
– Safflower oil: stimulate cell regeneration, key tool against rosacea, used on wounds, acne and eczema
– Hemp oil: restructures cell membrane and combats dehydration
– Alexandrian laurel oil: helps blood circulation, regenerating and anti-aging.
– Helichrysum essential oil
– Roman chamomile essential oil
– Vitamin E

Capture d’écran 2016-02-03 à 9.50.53 PM.png

Since I’ve tried so many moisturizers and serums from Korean brands and western brands and also, products that my dermatologist told me to buy and that absolutely none of them was effective, I decided to try natural products
Using natural and organic products have literally transform my skin. My complexion was never as clear and healthy looking as now. I had a little episode of awful breakouts because of the “party hard-no sleep-drink-eat junk food “first 4 months in Seoul, but thanks to this skincare routine, my skin has almost found this natural Korean glow that I dream about.





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