8 Items You Should Have In Your Closet

Everyone is free to have its own fashion style. But there are basic items that are essentials, they are indeed the foundation of your wardrobe. Having them will make it easier to dress up every morning. And you can create so many outfits just with these staples as it is possible to use the same item for every occasion. You may or may not agree with this list but I’m pretty sure everywoman owns at least 4 of these items.
Let’s start the must-have list !


The Black Perfecto
(or black leather jacket if you prefer)
This is essential for everyone, men and women. I wear mine almost every day and night. It goes with absolutely everything from a basic pair of jeans to a an evening dress. You can wear it to add a classy and stylish touch to a casual outfit or to rock your party girl sexy dress for a night out.




The perfectly tailored blazer
Just like the leather jacket, a blazer is a must-have. It can make any outfit sophisticated and glamorous. The only rule is to find one that is perfectly tailored for your morphology. You can forget the glamorous and sophisticated look if you’re wearing a large blazer with too long sleeves. 




I’m not even going to develop this part. Everyone owns at least 2 pair of jeans. The only advice I can give: find the perfect pair of jeans for your morphology. One that will enhance your features or create features…if your butt is non-existent,  go for push-up jeans.






The little black dress
Every woman should have a LBD in her closet. This is the most basic item. And any woman can look divine in a little black dress.




White tee
No explanation needed. White t-shirt is the base of the base of your wardrobe. For simple casual oufits or chic if you wear it with the right accessories





Classic black coat
Ideal for lazy days when you don’t know what to wear, just pull up anything, your black coat will posh up your random outfit.





A pair of white sneakers

If you don’t own a pair of white sneakers, go buy one right now. It would be the best fashion investment you can make. I mean no one ever thought  : “oh this outfit looks bad with my Stan smith I can’t wear them”. NO ONE. It simply goes great with everything.



Black pumps
You want to transform a simple outfit into a a dandy and sexy one, wear black pumps. It’s crazy how one simple pair of high heels can transform a woman.


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