Dewy, Matte or Satin?

There are so many products with so many claims in the cosmetic industry that we, consumers, easily get lost. Just look at the thousands of foundations different claims, they promise a dewy finish, ultra matte finish, a satin finish or a radiant skin complexion. It can be difficult to differentiate all these foundations finishes and to know which one is best for your skin. But there are three principals foundation finishes that you need to differentiate in order to know which one is the best for your skin.

1) Dewy 

I’ll start with my favorite foundation finish: the dewy finish. Youthful glowing skin with extra shine in the right places.Radiant and glowing. YES. Dewy doesn’t mean oily! This a the best finish for those of you with dry skin, but it can work with any skin type, except those with oily skin have to be very careful since this look can be too rich and it can end up making the skin break out.

How to achieve it ?
Just like any foundation finish, start by cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin, extra moisture for a dewy finish. Prefer using oil based moisturizers and serums. For a perfect dewy finish, it’s better to use a specific foundation or BB cream BUT you can work this look with any foundation, by adding moisturizer, mixing it with a serum, especially on areas like cheeks and forehead.
Dry skin : don’t hesitate on using a moisturizing primer on your cheeks, under your eyes and forehead. Avoid setting powder except if it is really necessary (under your eyes to settle the concealer for exemple) as it can take off the “dew”.
Tip: Creamy everything ! Use a creamy concealer, creamy highlighter, creamy blush to achieve the perfect dewy look.
Oily skin: this is not really a finish for oily skin since matte or satin is better but you can easily achieve it as yon don’t need extra moisture, though a little bit more moisturizer on areas like cheeks and forehead. Just make sure to use a mattifying primer on areas that usually get oily and always carry around a powder.

2) Matte

Medium to full coverage, long-lasting, flawless looking skin. Perfect for long events or photoshoots. Ideal for combination to oily skin, but again any skin can achieve this look with the right products. Not made for dehydrated skin though.

How to achieve it ? 
First of all, cleanse, tone and moisturize !
Oily skin: make sure to use a mattifying primer or a matte moisturizer, use your go-to foundation and concealer, and don’t skip the finish powder or finish spray on the whole face. It’s all about matte skin. No shine at all !
Dry skin: moisturize ! But this time use a finish powder.
Tip: this look can easily make your face look “flat” use a bronzer or blush to add dimension, it’s not necessary to contour.

3) Satin 

It’s a mix between dewy and matte. You want a healthy and glowing skin  but you’re not into shiny skin or you have an oily skin, then satin finish is for you. Actually satin finish is for absolutely everyone.It’s long lasting and has more coverage than dewy finish but less than matte finish. Plus it looks natural.

How to achieve it ?
Cleanse, tone, moisturize.
Oily skin: mattifying primer, foundation, concealer, and add highlighter on the right zones (check this), don’t forget your blush. Use a finish powder on the T-zone. It’s all about a radiant and glowing skin with no extra shine.
Dry skin: same routine as for a dewy finish, except this time, avoid the extra moisture on cheeks and forehead, and use a finish powder. Highlighter is the key.



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