So… to be honest I struggled finding what to write here.
What about this blog ? Well it’s no different from the million blogs out there. I’m just another regular girl who decided to jump in the blogosphere by creating my own little space where I can share my interests with whoever decided this blog is worth a visit.

And like many other women bloggers out there, I love makeup and fashion, and that’s 50% of the posts you’re gonna find here: beauty products reviews, DIY skincare products, fashion looks…Especially how to get the perfect glowing skin.
But my love for makeup is nothing compared to my love for food, I eat more than I breath. Food is going to be a big topic in my blog. From diet tips and organic recipes to “lets-get-diabetes-together” cakes recipes and pornfood  from all around the world. From all around the world, yes, because if there’s something that you must know about me is that I just can’t live more than 3 years in the same country and travelling is what I do the most after eating.

More about me ? I’m a 21 years old girl based in Seoul: my dream city. And like the majority of students out there, I like to party, drunk-eat junk food and regret the next morning. I’m trying my best to stay healthy and keep a clear skin and I’ll share all my tips and hacks with you to get the glow and keep it !

If you have a passion for food and wine, if you like makeup, street styles and if you enjoy travelling and partying. YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.


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